About Andrew
Straight Male Escort Wellington
Straight Male Escort Wellington

Welcome. I am Andrew, your very own Male Escort in Wellington. Why Lucifers Kiss? Because Lucifers Kiss brings you Light.

I can ensure the best time you will have for at least tonight. You may expect warm intimacy, extensive foreplay and mood enhancing fun to be followed by, well, you tell me...

First, a few things about sex; the good things...

Ladies always first! Take that however you like. Yes, I like to kiss and can get very passionate. Plenty of warmth to go around but don't blame me if you rest your head against my chest and the hair tickles your nose. Then again you can always rest against my legs as you're astride my lap; this seems to allow for some relaxing moments. Gives me a moment to think up what's next as well. Of course when you need to rest and cuddle there's the strong arms into which you may be enfolded.

Tell me if I am most likely to hear from you something like; "Mercy! mercy! No mercy". I will be attentive. I will be the best man that I can be for you. Respect, a smile, and a warm closeness go a long way.

The end result, you stretching luxuriously. You no longer want to move you are so comfortable, so happy. You glow, shining in the Light...

Straight Male Escort Wellington

Contact by email luciferkiss@gmail.com is preferred, or else please text or call 027 7100 705. I am based in Wellington. I know this has been mentioned but an important point often missed which bears repeating. I am happy to travel however. Please leave clear instructions.

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